Convint.ai is born out of a belief that the app-based approach of using applications and getting tasks done is getting disrupted with AI and Conversation-based interactions becoming the new normal. Users are getting overwhelmed with managing the various Apps they are required to install for accessing various business and personal applications on their smartphone or desktops.  

Another belief driving the passion of the Team is how to leverage technology and AI to make the experience more and more frictionless. With Great Resignation Wave disrupting the Talent acquisition space, the Team is focusing on how to make this space, frictionless 



Redefining the Way 
Assessments get done 

ConvInt.ai is an intelligent AI-based, cloud native conversational platform, built on the most contemporary technology stack, designed to accelerate corporates and recruiters in fulfilling their recruitment needs and

redefining the experience for the candidates and jobseekers and taking it to a level never experienced before.

 The users - Corporates, Recruiters and Candidates - can interact using their preferred channel / chat platform to register, initiate or take an assessment. The rich repository of questions takes away the hassles of defining the assessments and keeping pace with the evolving market demands. 


The Team